We believe funding on its own cannot help founders succeed in business.

Our companies benefit immensely from our network, expertise, experience, industry connections and magic.


By engaging early, we build companies that solve real-world problems across a range of industries and geographies.

Whether you’re pre seed, Stage A or somewhere in the middle with the first round already taken care of, we evaluate every company’s funding requirement in a bespoke,custom way.

Our primary investment range is from £200,000 up to £ 5 Million. However, we have several options to raise funds for rounds above 5 Million with VCs and investors who call us their Venture Partner.

Strategy and Transformation

Transformation ceases to happen organically.

We are part of a world where leaders actively manage the journey to digital excellence. And every part of the business is subject to new expectations, competitors, channels, threats and opportunities. Customers’ needs are driving change and technology is constantly shifting.

Bottomline: there is a constant state of change in how companies, founders, investors and customers operate i.e. ‘think’. That’s where we come in.

We help startups identify the gaps between where they are now and where they need to be, then close them.

Whether you need to re-engineer every process and skill set, or simply move to a new technology platform,

We will work closely with you to develop a completely bespoke programme, addressing on the way

For each line above: Your strategy; Your people; Your process; Your technology

Let us Pitch Proof you.

We’ve received, traded, trashed and configured over a thousand decks through the years. Our observation? Even the greatest idea is nothing without the right representation and execution.

But a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover, they say.
Truth is, we do. We’re humans, hardwired to pick up visual signals and respond to things best when beauty meets functionality. That’s why people line up at Apple.

The pitch deck is one of the easiest things to overlook while planning your strategy.  (Look at it this way. This is your Ad to the investor. Within five seconds, in or out, the decision’s made. Our role is to ensure that within five seconds, they’re hooked. )

We understand how sophisticated pitch decks have paved way to people building wildly successful brands out of ideas. To achieve this, our team of pros will work on the deck to give a product the face it deserves.

How do we start?  We design the company’s next pitch deck or review the current deck to provide feedback they need.

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We find you a global partner that fits like an Armani suit. One of the biggest challenges that founders and growing companies face is when they take the leap, led by ambition and try to go global. Or get foreign investors on board. Or branch out. Or need a resource from a different time zone.

We have a network across 5 continents that we aren’t afraid to brag about. We thrive on collaboration.

Progress can be made so much more efficiently with right ‘fit’ of resources and alliances. With partners in VC, sales, operations, legal teams and then some more, we help you with the tools you need to expand across borders.

Build Tech

Want an example? So you’ve got this great product and registered interest from more than one keen eye. And you require an experienced developer to not just create a platform but convert your idea into a product. We step up and help companies build or improve their existing technology through our tech partners across web development, UX, UI, app development and tech integration.


By 2020, expansion will not just be an asset, it will be a necessity. Access more. Go international, steered by our partnerships with international government and private companies.We match companies with people, funds, markets and resources that make way for a stable, yet fast roadmap to becoming successful. Not to sound like tinder for technology; the truth is, now more than ever, the world demands collaboration and co-operation. We give you an honest, verified fit in the form of the right entry point to your target.

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