The future of funding

We understand that as a prospective investor, you’re busy to say the least.

Our teams are equipped with a bias free, custom approach be it a retainer or a deal by deal collaboration to find the right company for you to invest in.

⚀ Avant Venture invests and works in a unique way with the private investors and institutions. We assist our co-investors with creating their own portfolio, assisting with deal sourcing and investment opportunities.

⚀ Avant Ventures co-investor remains in control of the investment decision on each investment and can decide to invest on a deal-per-deal (or small portfolio) basis, while having full access to our deal flow professional deal and strategic approach.

⚀ Avant Ventures can also assist third-party investors with the evaluation and management of their own projects and portfolio, throughout the full value chain.

And why do investors need Avant Ventures to sail this boat?

Here are 2 of the biggest problems that most of us perceive about the current scenario, but few say out loud:


Crowdfunding is generic and not personalised.


Local investors have limitations in dealflow making it painful to invest internationally

That’s why we’re here.

We do the due diligence, dealflow selection and provide the investment opportunity to the investors. A progressive way to tackle each case so that investors don’t have to lock their money all in one fund, giving you the rare option to work with us on deal by deal basis, encouraging exit in 3 to 5 years.Most of our investors invest in between £200K upto £5 Million in StartUp and ScaleUp companies from more than 15 tech industries with existing traction and a clear exit strategy prospective value of over £10 Million.

We aim to drive change and progress by coming up with solutions that stay ahead of the game while giving the company you invest in, the right tools to generate revenue and hence directly controlling the growth of your returns.

A 5 step borderless investment program for our Global Investors

Step 1: Get in touch with us

Step 2: We get to know you and Identify exact investment criteria

Step 3: Agree engagement terms and conditions

Step 4: Match existing dealflow or find the dealflow based on your criteria

Step 5: And…..Close.the magic happens

Join the tribe

Our existing network of investors spans 15 countries and counting to match with our startups based all across the map. This means that the opportunity of investing in foreign companies is directly evaluated by us followed up with rock solid legal and operational support to make investment rounds smooth and hassle free.

You could be a VC fund, an Ultra High Net Worth Individual or run a family office, we reduce the workload and research on your part to make win-win deals happen. 

Key Points:

⚀ Designed to provide long-term investment growth through exposure to one of the global economy’s fastest- growing areas.

⚀ Managed by a team with extensive expertise and experience of investing in new technologies and their application across other industries.

⚀ A strategy that is diversi ed by sector, region and company size to provide exposure to growth opportunities around the world.


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